Better Together KC

picture of better together clinic waiting area

Our Mission: Why We Exist

Rev. Bryan and the Better Together Board of Directors believe that every person has the right to know their own health status and to have resources to be proactive in maintaining or achieving good health, regardless of their ability to pay for services or have English proficiency.

Better Together grew out of the passion and conviction of its founder, Rev. Jennifer Bryan. While teaching English to Congolese refugees in Argentine, a Kansas City, KS neighborhood, she saw too many families living “in the gap,” too poor for marketplace insurance, uncovered by KanCare, and too young for Medicare.

Our Impact

Our Story

part of paintings of the diverse community Better Together KC serves

From 2010 to 2015, Better Together was a partner of 9 Health Fairs in Denver, CO and Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest blood analysis corporations in the country. We hosted 100% volunteer-driven health screenings and education events at a number of Kansas City locations. 

From 2015- 2018, Better Together restructured and moved into Argentine’s Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church where we offered an in-house medical clinic and English classes to better serve our diverse community. We continue to cultivate urban hope for uninsured residents, immigrants, and refugees.

COVID-19 caused many disruptions, including the loss of valuable time and our ability to provide exams and screenings.

Better Together is a free clinic that provides hope and a path forward to the Argentine community. We’re now located at 1501 S 40th St, Kansas City KS, 66106.